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...Security Redefined

About Us

About Us

Omega Security Systems is an electronic security systems provider based in the centre of the UK and providing nationwide coverage to organisations in and around the UK. 

Operating for over 25 years, we specialise in design, supply, installation and maintenance of commercial security systems for organisations. Omega provides total solutions including, door entry systems, wireless CCTV and security camera systems, access control, barriers, gates, intercoms, monitoring and whatever else our Clients may need to feel empowered and maintain control of their premises.

We tailor our services to meet specific organisational needs, thereby offering complete security solutions tailored to suit you, our client; be it single camera systems or comprehensive solutions involving barriers, cameras, gates, intercoms and monitoring.

Tag Line

…security redefined

We are continuously redefining how people and organisations view and utilise security systems to ensure that our stakeholders get the best out of the products and services we deliver. In our world, there’s always a better way to do things and there are always multiple purposes security systems can serve. And so, we consistently redefine the way security systems are perceived and extend their use.

Our Mission

Empowering organisations to work better, grow faster, and achieve greater control. We are all about empowering businesses. To achieve this, we combine expertise, experience, friendly customer service, innovation and resourcefulness to help refine your needs. You can always count on us to offer bespoke security solutions at the most favourable cost.

Our Visions

Creating a world where security becomes an opportunity for good. We envision a world where the use of security systems will go beyond safeguarding people and assets. We see a world where innovative security systems will empower managers, protect livelihoods, enhance lives and secure the future of businesses and organisations.

Our Values

People – Everything we do is centred on people – our staff, clients and partners. We genuinely care and consequently, all our actions, interactions and service offerings are delivered with enthusiasm, integrity and respect.
Distinction – In our world, only the best is good enough. We therefore utilise innovation and resourcefulness to provide our people and clients with the best solutions to meet specific needs.


Innovation is an aspect of development most companies are struggling with, as it needs time and resources to attain. Innovate UK, through the Knowledge Transfer Partnership (KTP), allows UK companies to access resources such as experience in the innovation domain, partnerships with universities and funding. It helps these companies develop in new fields, or reinforce their grip on their main sectors of activities by encouraging innovation and competition. The process involves a graduate student joining their teams, with the aim of conducting the research under supervision of a university. On the other hand, students applying for these KTPs are offered an opportunity which will increase their professional experience and network, while allowing them to continue their studies in higher education. It also benefits universities in the process by bringing a close insight of the business world, allowing them to adapt their vision on the outcome of their educational programs.

Omega Security Systems is on board with one of these partnerships, with the aim of developing new technologies that will fit into our existing product portfolio. It would also allow the company to extend the customer reach to new sectors, deriving from the research outcomes.

Meet The Team

Omega Security Team
  • Adam McGreal

    Business Development

  • Aden Culshaw


  • Alice Buckle

    Finance Assistant

  • Ashley Dean


  • Conor Wilkinson


  • Joshua Woolford

    Admin Manager

  • Lee Halliday

    Sales & Business Development Manager

  • Lee Halpin

    Operations Manager

  • Rebecca Woodhead

    Finance Manager

  • Rhys Holland


  • Richard Ward

    Managing Director

  • Richard Woollin

    Engineering Supervisor

  • Shawn Jameson


  • Sherridan Ward


  • James Mutton


  • Lee Hindle


  • Simon Renault

    KTP Associate

  • Katie Royle


  • Stuart Fenton


Our Services


CCTV is always there when you're not, making it priceless.

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Access Control

Your customers and staff deserve to feel safe in their surroundings.

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Turnstiles, Barriers and Gates

Your premises deserves the best protection available.

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Alarm Systems

Alarm systems are a highly effective deterrent in protecting your assets.

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Occupancy Analytics + Control

Gain insight, Inform your decisions and Manage efficiency

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