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Barnsley Premier Leisure – Access Control

Barnsley Premier Leisure – Access Control

Barnsley Premier Leisure (BPL) is a charitable company who provide affordable, value for money, health, sport and leisure facilities across 6 sites in Yorkshire. When BPL required an access control system, Xn Leisure (a long-standing partner of Omega) recommended Omega as a reliable hardware supplier. 

Issues to be resolved
Customer waiting time was the fundamental issue at Doncaster Fitness Flex. All customers accessed the building through the same entrance, an inconvenience because gym members specifically didn't require assistance but had to queue with customers wanting to swim etc. Their single gate system failed to manage the problem due to slow connection and a high volume of customers.

BPL aimed to create a budget gym model comprising minimum staffing levels throughout the facility. Their access control system opposed this as more staff were required to work on reception at peak times.

The criteria specified for the security solution was fit by Omega as products could easily connect with the BPL epos system and integrate with Xn software, so development time was not an issue. Due to the location of Omega, engineers could be on site quickly and easily understood the company needs of BPL.

Actions taken
Turnstiles and a disabled gates were installed at the entrance of Fitness Flex; their advanced technology allowed them to update through the night and operate during the day. Incorporated was a unique swipe card system that connected with software to create biometrics for BPL. The frequency of customers, their agenda and the time they were likely to leave were known, as a result.

Throughout the installation process communication was consistent. BPL had contact details for all engineers and the operational director. Engineers were knowledgeable about the products and services provided and they answered customer questions when approached.

The installation met the needs of BPL ensuring lower staffing levels and easy access for customers. Gym members now swipe in to use facilities so the volume of queuing customers has decreased and less staff are required at the reception. 

Client’s comment upon project completion
"Omega have made everyone’s job at BPL at a lot easier"
Dale Healey, ITC & Systems Manager at Barnsley Premier Leisure

Corporate Values Expression 
People -    Understood Company needs 
Maintained constant communication throughout the process
Distinction -    utilised state of the art technology


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