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Woodside Academy - Access Control

Woodside Academy - Access Control

Woodside Academy, a local primary school in Yorkshire, had a problem with members of the public accessing unauthorised areas of the school building.

Issues to be resolved
A 6 digit code was used by the school to open doors throughout their building. The mechanical system controlling the doors was dated and its design was limiting. As a result, unauthorised persons became aware of the six digits and used them to gain access. As the digital box required disassembling to change the code the issue remained unresolved.

Solution search

Omega was already the preferred CCTV installer of the school and were selected for the solution after installing access control solutions at other academies, schools and universities. 
Omega’s engineers also possessed accreditations required by the school and arrived on site promptly after first consultation.

Actions taken

The old system was replaced by electronic keypads that enabled codes to be easily changed on a regular basis, preventing unauthorised access. The advanced software installed provided a more accessible and secure way of controlling the building.


Greater control and peace of mind for staff were the outcome of the installation. The school’s maintenance contract with Omega allowed costs to be kept to a minimum.

Corporate Values Expression 

People -     Engineers arrived promptly on site to execute project 
Costs were kept within the school’s budget
Distinction -     Bespoke solutions were provided
Products adapted to school needs

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